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screen (monikko screens)

  1. näyttö (tietokoneen, television)
  2. sermi


ind. prees. y. 3. p. screens
part. prees. screening
imp. & part. perf. screened


  1. esittää (televisiossa, näyttötaululla)
    '1984' to be screened by cinemas worldwide in anti-Donald Trump protest (
  2. (lääketiede) seuloa
  3. seuloa, tarkistaa taustat; seurata, varjostaa (epäiltyjä)
    "When we are dealing with people that are from, in many cases, a terrorist war zone, we are going to make sure that we screen people appropriately and the security of this country is fully protected," Harper told a 2015 election rally. (CBCNEWS)
  4. suojata
    In order to provide a small immediate reinforcement to the United Kingdom, the Americans reduced the number of destroyers assigned to screen their battle fleet to eighteen ships. (History of Royal Canadian Navy)