clear (komparatiivi clearer, superlatiivi clearest)

  1. kirkas, kuulas
  2. selkeä, selvä
  3. puhdas, virheetön
    clear skin, free of blemishes
    My conscience is clear.
  4. esteetön, avoin; tyhjä, vapaa, sitoumukseton
    a clear road ahead
    Finally a clear day on Sunday!
  5. (fyysisesti) irti, erossa (koskettamatta) t. loitolla jostain oleva
    His head was only an inch clear of the ceiling.
    Stay clear of him!
    The plane could hardly keep clear of the treetops.
    Flustered townspeople were leaping clear of the stagecoach.
    The driver was wearing a seat belt and survived the crash; the other passenger was thrown clear and died.
    Army officers should steer clear of political questions.
  6. puhdas, vapaa (sairaudesta jms.); velaton
    She was diagnosed clear of tuberculosis.
    a clear estate
  7. puhdas, netto; (päivistä jms.) täysi, kokonainen
    clear profit


  • muinaisranskan sanasta cler, joka latinan sanasta clārus ’kirkas’

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clear (komparatiivi more clear, superlatiivi most clear)

  1. puhtaaksi, vapaaksi
    Sweep the floor clear of litter.
  2. selvästi
    loud and clear
  3. irti, loitolle
    the driver was thrown clear in the crash
  4. kokonaan (läpi)
    He drove clear across the dry state of Kansas to get a bottle of whisky.


ind. prees. y. 3. p. clears
part. prees. clearing
imp. & part. perf. cleared


  1. kirkastaa, selkeyttää, seestää
    Clear the water by filtering it.
    Slashing the use of coal has cleared the sky over many Chinese cities.
  2. raivata
    The boys made some money clearing driveways and yards of snow.
    clear a path
    clear the table
    The whole forest was cleared of timber.
    The land was cleared for a housing area.
  3. tyhjentää (ihmisistä)
    Clear this room.
  4. selvittää
    He cleared his throat and continued.
    clear a fishing net
    clear customs
  5. selvitä ohi koskettamatta
    The plane just barely cleared the treetops.
  6. hyväksyä; hyväksyttää
    The article was cleared for publication by the editor-in-chief.
    Clear it with me first.
    He was cleared for classified information, yet turned out to be a mole.
  7. netota
  8. (urheilu) purkaa, selvittää
  9. (intransitiivinen) kirkastua, seljetä
    It is clearing up after the rain.
  10. (intransitiivinen) hälvetä; hellittää
    the fog cleared
    the symptoms soon cleared
  11. (intransitiivinen) mennä läpi, tulla hyväksytyksi
    It must clear in the Constitutional Law Committee first.
    the check cleared
  12. (intransitiivinen) myydä; tulla loppuunmyydyksi t. määrätyksi loppuunmyyntiin
    It is clearing at a steady rate.
    That product is to clear.
  13. (liiketaloustiede) selvittää (suorituksesta)

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