lay out

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lay out (fraasiverbi)

  1. asetella; levittää ja asetella
    I opened my suitcase and laid out my clothes on the bed.
    The waitress was setting the table, meticulously laying out the plates, glasses and flatware.
    Lay the sheets out carefully on the washing line so there'll be less wrinkles when they're dry.
  2. panna esille
    The museum had laid out the exhibits chronologically rather than thematically.
  3. esittää tai esitellä, hahmotella tarkasti (esim. suunnitelma, idea, ongelma)
    He laid out a Plan B.
    The general laid out all the details about the warring parties to the president.
  4. (arkikieltä) maksaa, pulittaa rahaa
    I laid out a huge amount of money for this classic motorbike.
  5. asemoida, tehdä taittosuunnitelma, taittaa julkaisun ulkoasu
    Laying out the pages of a newspaper used to be complicated before the age of computers.
  6. sommitella, suunnitella ja asemoida (pohjapiirros, asemakaava, puutarhasuunnitelma tms.)
    The city is laid out as a grid of streets interspersed with a few squares for parks which are the same size as the other blocks.
    The garden is too sparsely laid out. It needs more plants.
  7. laittaa vainaja (katsottavaksi, hyvästeltäväksi)
    The undertaker laid him out for the wake.
    The king's body was laid out to lie in state.
  8. (arkikieltä) lyödä kanveesiin, lyödä taju kankaalle
    He finally laid the bully out with one punch.

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