take in




take in (fraasiverbi)

  1. viedä (jonnekin sisään)
    I said we should go to the centre of the town for shopping but he said he didn't want to take his car in.
    The secretary took in the coffee for the CEO and his business partners.
  2. ottaa hoteisiinsa, sisään; syliinsä jms.
    We must take them in. They can't sleep on the street, can they.
    He took me in his strong arms.
  3. ottaa, hyväksyä
    The department takes in 50 new students a year.
    We should take in more people.
    Should we take in more refugees?
  4. (poliisista) viedä putkaan, kuultavaksi, asemalle jms.
    You're coming with us, we're taking you in. Get in!
  5. tarkata, tarkastella perin pohjin
    The bed and breakfast hostess took us in from head to toe before leading us to our room.
  6. sisäistää, omaksua
    This lecture was too much to take in at once.
  7. ihailla, katsella, nähdä
    There was so much to take in on our holiday in Italy.
    Look! What a beautiful scenery. Just take it in...
  8. sisältää, olla sisältönä
    His rather incoherent lecture took in all possible philosophers and thinkers.
  9. kokea, nähdä
    You can always take in a musical or some other show in London.
  10. (vaatteesta) kaventaa, ottaa sisään
    I lost so much weight that I had to take in all my clothes.


  • to be taken in, tulla huijatuksi