give up




give up (fraasiverbi)

  1. luovuttaa, jättää sikseen
    OK, I give up! You won.
    Don't give up until you've reached your goal.
  2. lopettaa (jokin säännöllinen tekeminen), luopua (jostakin tavasta)
    I gave up smoking two years ago.
    Do you still smoke? Give it up! – Vieläkö poltat? Lopeta!
    I used to smoke. I gave up the habit.
    Finally, I just gave up trying. It seemed I couldn't give up cigarrettes.
  3. luopua jostakin, luovuttaa jotakin
    I will never give up this house!
    You should never give up hope.
    I gave up the idea of trying to get into medical school.
    That means they would have to give up some of their independence which they will not accept.
    I don't want to give up that much of my time to my job.
  4. give oneself upantautua (poliisille tms.)
    He gave himself up after having used up all his bullets.
  5. luopua toivosta jonkun/jonkin löytymiseksi yms., olettaa kuolleeksi t. kadonneeksi
    The men on the boat had to give their friend up for dead in the stormy sea.
    Oh sh*t, I guess I must give my ring up for lost...
    I guess my cat's done for it. I just have to give her up for dead...or lost. Whatever.


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