weigh in

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weigh in

  1. sanoa painava sanansa
    Finally, the grandmother weighed in with some advice.
    "You shall do no such thing!," she weighed in.
  2. osallistua, antaa panoksensa
    When the time came, we all weighed in.
    I'd like to weigh in with a few comments.
  3. (urheilu) painaa virallisessa punnituksessa; (laajemmin, rennossa kielenkäytössä) painaa tietyn verran
    He weighed in at 80 kg, so he was slightly overweight for light heavyweight.
    Weighing in at 16 oz., this is a sturdy denim fabric.
  4. (urheilu) (jockeysta) tulla punnituksi laukkakilpailun jälkeen (varusteineen); painaa sopivasti
    After the race, the jockey weighs in, and if he weighs in correctly, they'll announce: "Weighed in".

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