take out




take out

  1. ottaa jostain esiin
    She rummaged in her bag and took out a tiny pistol.
  2. ottaa jostain instituutiosta (vakuutusyhtiö, pankki tms.) jokin palvelu
    Make sure you read the small print before you take out an insurance policy.
    take out a consumer loan
    It makes no sense that people take out quickie loans to pay back quickie loans.
  3. poistaa
  4. viedä jonnekin (ulos)
    You never take me out anymore.
    Take out the trash.
  5. pysäyttää
  6. tappaa, eliminoida; tuhota
    Are you gonna take me out?
    A police sharpshooter took the hostage taker out.
    The missiles took out a key stronghold of ISIS fighters.

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