take over




take over

  1. ottaa haltuunsa, vallata, valloittaa
    Islamic militants have taken over the city.
    Eastern Poland was taken over by the Soviet Union.
    The paper mill was taken over by a multinational giant.
    This is my business! I will never allow anyone to take it over!
    Squatters took the old, run-down house over and fixed it.
    Students took over university buildings in protest.
    Grief has taken her over.
  2. jatkaa työssä tai tehtävässä jonkun jälkeen t. tilalla
    I can take over cooking while you walk the dog.
    She took over from him as foreign minister in chaotic circumstances.
  3. tulla jonkin tilalle
    CDs took quickly over from vinyl records.
  4. ottaa nimiinsä (velat)
    He was lucky. His rich parents took his debts over.
  5. take someone/something over to a place or person – kantaa t. viedä; viedä yli t. opastaa perille, viedä jonkun luokse
    Can you take us over by boat?
    The lady took two huge bottles over to the table.
  6. take time/trouble/care over something – tehdä jotain huolella, ajan kanssa, perin pohjin t. vaivaa nähden
    I took time and trouble over finding exactly the kind of house I wanted.
    She took time over dressing up and putting on her makeup for the prom.

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