get back

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get back

  1. mennä t. päästä takaisin, palata
    Get back to bed!
    What time have you got to get back?
    I have to get back to Helsinki as soon as possible.
  2. viedä takaisin, palauttaa
    Don't worry, we're going to get you right back home.
    Don't forget to get the books back to the library.
  3. saada takaisin
    I'd like to get my old job back.
    He tried to get his breath back after a spell of coughs.
  4. perääntyä, siirtyä loitommalle
    Don't come any closer or I'll scream. Get back!
  5. kostaa, maksaa samalla mitalla takaisin
    I'll get that bastard back all the nasty things he's done to us.

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