put in

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put in

  1. panna, laittaa, asettaa (sisään); panna rahaa tilille
    When you pour hot water into a glass, put a spoon in first.
    He put two lumps of sugar in his tea.
    She put in the coins and dialed his number.
    He was put in prison.
    You should put the money in the bank.
    His father put a large amount in for him.
  2. istuttaa
    I put in some perennials under the window.
  3. asentaa
    I had a new lock put in.
    I put that window in myself.
  4. sijoittaa (yritykseen, projektiin tms.)
    Angel investors put money in start-ups.
    The Manhattan socialite had put money in several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.
  5. uhrata aikaa t. vaivaa johonkin; panna toivonsa, luottamuksensa jms. jhkn
    I put in forty-five hours a week or more all winter.
    Everyone seemed to be putting in an effort today. Good job!
    I put faith in you.
  6. huomauttaa (väliin)
    "But not you?" she put in cheekily.
  7. lisätä; merkitä; kirjoittaa
    He read my story and suggested I put in better descriptions of the characters.
    Do I have to put it in writing before you understand!
    The painter put in a fisherman in his seascape.
  8. jättää (ehdotus, vaatimus, pyyntö, tilaus)
    The employers' organisation cannot possibly accept the hefty wage claim the unions put in.
    He put in a request for transfer to another garrison.
    I put in an order for a new car.
  9. soittaa, ottaa yhteyttä puhelimitse
    He put in the important phone call, then made himself a stiff drink.
  10. valita (tehtävään)
    He was put in as senior editor.
  11. (merenkulku) piipahtaa satamassa, pysähtyä johonkin
    Sooner or later a ship will put in this island.
    We didn't put in at that harbour.

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