pull out

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pull out

  1. (ajoneuvosta) lähteä liikkeelle (pihasta tms. ja ajaa ajoradalle)
    They waved on the porch until we had pulled out of the driveway.
  2. (ajoneuvosta) vaihtaa kaistaa
    A bus pulled out in front of us.
  3. (junasta) lähteä asemalta
    The train pulled out, and she could no longer make out what he bellowed on the platform.
  4. vetäytyä jostakin
    We can't pull out now after all these investments.
    The injured sportsman had to pull out of the games.
    The American troops have begun to pull out of the area.
    Pull out! Return to the base.
  5. vetää (ulos); (kuvaannollisesti) nyhtää, kiskoa, puristaa
    to pull out a tooth
    He pulled her out of the water.
    The police pulled a confession out of him.
    I'll pull the truth out of him.
  6. erotella, poimia (tietoja jms.)
    The programme pulls out all information relevant to a particular word.

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