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on top of

  1. jonkin huipulla; jonkin päällä
    I felt on top of the world!
    Scientists found ancient sea fossils on top of the Himalayas.
    What do you like on top of your pizza?
    There was ham and cheese on top of the open-faced sandwiches.
  2. (idiomi) jonkin lisäksi, kaiken lisäksi
    And on top of everything there was a sudden thunderstorm when we were out boating.
  3. (kuvaannollisesti) hallitsevassa asemassa jonkin suhteen; ajan tasalla, tietoinen jostakin
    I'm on top of what has been happening.
    I'm constantly trying to be on top of the weeds in our garden.
    This politician is always on top of the issues so the media likes to interview him.
  4. (kuvaannollisesti) vieri vieressä, päällekkäin, äärimmäisen ahtaasti
    The refugees in the camps are living on top of each other in dismal conditions.

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  • get on top of – saada yliote jostakusta, päästä niskan päälle, nujertaa
I think financial difficulties finally got on top of him.